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December 27, 2012

The Communication and Conflict Newsletter is now moving over to the CAOTICA Blog

Alan Sharland, Mediator, Conflict Coach
All OK?
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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the last Communication and Conflict Newsletter

As those of you who have been subscribers for a while will know the Communication and Conflict Newsletter has been a rare visitor to your inbox for some time. This is because I am now devoting my energies to the blog associated with CAOS Conflict Management where I work.

The blog is called CAOTICA and I would very much welcome your subscription to that site. Please visit it by clicking on the banner below to see what you think of it:

You can subscribe below or you can subscribe on the site itself.

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CAOTICA the CAOS Conflict Management Blog

Problems with signing up here? Please Click Here if there are problems with the above sign up form within the email and you will be taken to the webpage on which this newsletter is located where there should not be any sign up difficulties.

Please unsubscribe below to this Newsletter if you do not want further reminders of the change to CAOTICA as I will probably send out one or two more of these notices to try to reach as many people as possible before shutting the Communication and Conflict Newsletter down completely.

The Archives of the Newsletter will still exist and you can visit them via this link.

Thank You for your interest in Communication and Conflict and for signing up to the Newsletter. I hope you find CAOTICA as interesting and useful as I gather many of you did the Communication and Conflict Newsletter.

There are over 1000 subscribers to the Communication and Conflict Newsletter so I hope it was of interest and benefit to all of you.

I would very much welcome your joining me at CAOTICA.

Best wishes


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