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It Doesn't Matter If We DON'T AGREE! What Matters is HOW WE DISAGREE!

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Conflict Coaching via Skype, FaceTime, or other online format

Conflict Coaching via Skype is available from Alan Sharland creator of the Communication and Conflict website

Fees for Conflict Coaching via Skype are on a sliding scale from £50 per hour up to £150 per hour for businesses. Please give an honest proposal for your preferred rate between these levels based on your financial circumstances. Sessions are for a minimum of 1½ hours and payment is made in advance of the session.

You can also arrange a face to face consultation using the same form (below) if you are based in or around London, UK.

London based Conflict Coaching sessions cost £90 per hour (£50 if you have attended a CAOS Mediation Training Course) plus any room booking fee.

I always interrupt my wife, and I have a hard time listening to her. I found some very useful beginnings to healing my inabilities. Randy - USA

During the session you can address the following kinds of issues:

  • Are you involved in an ongoing conflict with a family member, a work colleague, your partner or in some other relationship?
    Our discussion can help you to review how you are approaching this in order to reconsider other ways of responding that support you and, in turn, support resolution of the situation.
  • Do you find that you are often criticised about some aspect of your communication? Or do you want to improve some aspect of how you communicate? 
    Our discussion can focus on the difficulties you are experiencing and I can propose new ways of engaging with people that you can go away and practice.
Hi Alan, ..... your site is great. I've been reading all the material and have to say its already made a difference in how I sort out/manage some of life's little problems. JH - West London, UK

Arrange your appointment now...

Please use the form below to give me some idea of what it is you would like to discuss and your proposed time for doing this. 

Please note that I am based in the UK so the time options are for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

When you contact me we can agree on the length of time you would want the consultation to go on for and when you can call me.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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Learn about the CAOS Model of Conflict Coaching, the first to be developed in the UK in 2008 and one that does not have to be connected to ongoing mediation but can be simply a 'stand alone' support service for individuals. 

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Conflict Coaching from CAOS Conflict Management

Here's a Handbook to help you practise more effective communication and to review and improve how you are responding to unresolved conflict:

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