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Conflict Coaching (UK)

What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict Coaching is a 1-to-1 service available in person with the coach or via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or other online format.

"All the time we wait for others to change, we remain frustrated, outraged, stressed, depressed - and we render ourselves powerless. Conflict Coaching offers people the opportunity to question and possibly change their responses to, or their views and beliefs about a situation. This is not to remain 'passive' in the face of unacceptable behaviour, it is to find a way of supporting ourselves first in order that we can respond more effectively to the behaviour we find unacceptable or to find a different way of seeing the situation if we feel unable to do anything to change it. Through creating different responses or perspectives we give ourselves a choice, and having choices, created by ourselves, leads to empowerment." - from : 'What is Conflict Coaching?


Are you experiencing a difficult relationship with someone?

Perhaps your partner, your child, your 'ex', a work colleague, your parents, someone else?

Are you a Manager looking for confidential support in dealing with a difficult situation at work?

If so, Alan provides a Conflict Coaching service for individuals who are experiencing difficulties as a result of a conflict, dispute, complaint or other situation they are involved in.

Alan Sharland

Before going ahead with Conflict Coaching it is important that any client:

  • Acknowledges that there is a difficulty and that their own response may not be supportive of themselves or of resolution of the situation. (The two are usually synonymous)
  • Is looking for constructive ways forward that are not about finding ways of 'changing the other person' but are about looking at their own responses and ways of changing these.
  • Understands that the Coach will seek to remain impartial in their responses about the client's situation in order to ensure the client is challenged with regard to their own 'story' and their reasons for responding as they have so far.
  • Understands that the aim of Conflict Coaching is to enable and empower the client to achieve self-responsibility for their situation and their responses to that situation so that they do not feel 'trapped' by their difficulties.

If you prefer to find out more via video, please watch this:

If you don't live in the UK or cannot get to London for a session with Alan, you can find out how to have a Coaching session via Skype or FaceTime or Google hangout or Telephone by clicking on this link: Conflict Coaching via Skype

Sessions will draw upon the

A meeting will usually be for 1½ hours, and it is likely that a client will have between 1 and 3 conflict coaching sessions regarding a particular situation. 

The main aim will be to ensure that sessions always support empowerment of you, the client, to be able to deal with your situation more effectively, thus making continued sessions less and less necessary.

Request Conflict Coaching via this form, or call Alan on 020 3371 7507

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Alan also now provides conflict coaching through his organisation CAOS Conflict Management. Click on this logo to find out more:

It is important to emphasise that Conflict Coaching is not a form of therapy or counselling.

Its purpose is to enable you to reflect on your difficult situation, and your responses to it, in order to help you create different ways of responding that support you in dealing with it more constructively and more effectively.

Remember: If you don't live in the UK or cannot get to London for a session with Alan, you can have Conflict Coaching via Skype or FaceTime or other online format or Telephone by clicking on the link:

How much does it cost:

Fees for Conflict Coaching via Skype are on a sliding scale from £50 per hour up to £150 per hour for businesses.

Individuals please give an honest proposal for your preferred rate between these levels based on your financial circumstances. Sessions are for a minimum of  1½ hours

Alternatively, please fill in the form at the top of the page and I will contact you as soon as possible to answer your enquiry.


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Conflict Coaching from CAOS Conflict Management

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