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I feel our current president is incompitent to hold office.

by Sean Nyman

Although, I feel he deserves an opportunity as America is the land of opportunity.

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Feb 20, 2018
My Two Cents
by: Pepe Grigorio


In my experience, I've found that if I'm going to claim that someone else is "incompitent", my argument holds more weight if I spell "incompetent" correctly.

God Bless,
Pepe Grigorio

Jan 30, 2017
Thank you Sean
by: Alan

Hi Sean

Thanks for your comment. In being an 'I-statement' it's clear that you are open to other interpretations as then shown by your follow up statement in the message. If you were to state it as a 'fact' - 'Our president is incompetent' then of course you would be subject to objections by many others who disagree and then arguments would be likely to ensue over 'proof' for / against the statement.....and very little progress would ensue other than further polarisation between people. In stating it as you have it allows for a discussion of your reasons why you feel that way and hopefully a listening to others reasons for feeling differently.
"The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory but progress" - Joseph Joubert
'Fact statements' that can't be proved as 'facts' lead to attempts at victory. I-statements allow for progress because it is not then a battle to be proven right or wrong, but an open discussion of different viewpoints where all can be acknowledged. Thanks again for your comment.

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