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I message

At work, you propose a solution to a problem, your boss doesn't acknowledge what you suggested, but a few minutes later a co-worker offers the same idea and the boss praises it. What would you say to your boss? How can i put this in a I statement without being disrespectful

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Oct 11, 2020
I message....
by: Alan

Hi Lisha
Great example. I will 'speak for myself' using an I-statement to answer, but I think I might say something like (in follow up to the other person's statement) 'Yep, that's the kind of thing I was meaning when I said [xyz] because it would mean [abc] as a good way forward...]

So I think I would try to just 'slip back into the stream of the conversation' about the topic but not with the attempt to try to 'win the who gets credit' battle, simply to keep the conversation going about the topic being discussed and to present your thoughts alongside the other person's. I think it's important to make sure the focus is on continuing an effective discussion of the topic rather than battle to get the boss's approval, but at the same time if you feel your ideas are the same as or at least reflected in the other person's then a) it shows you are all on the same page, but b) that you can continue to be a significant contributor to it.

If you mean what to say after the meeting is over, if there's not an opportunity to do the above within the meeting, I would reiterate what I've said above. What is the priority for you, getting your ideas recognised above others' by the boss, or being part of a shared, useful discussion on a topic? If you are in an environment where the former is paramount, then it's not an effective environment for creativity anyway, so, again, speaking for myself, if that were the pervading ethos........I'd look to change jobs.

But it may well be relating to a personal feeling of not being recognised for your contributions, only you can know if that's the case, in which case I would say, to ensure that if others' ideas seem to match yours but seem to be more recognised, then to re connect in to the conversation with your original contribution and show how it mirrors the later one, then you are back to being part of a team again.

What do you think? Happy to discuss further via the contact page if you'd like?


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