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Effective Communication Principle 4:

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When we label someone, in many ways they become dead to us

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Labels - how labels will often be a cause of communication breakdown and unresolved conflict

That we challenge the behaviour not the person-  Effective Communication Principle 7


Unity or Division?

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Resolved Conflict Does Not REQUIRE Agreement!

Conflict Resolution Doesn't Have To Be About Agreement!

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Can You Just Listen Without Fixing?

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The Listening Exercise

Listening- one of the 3 simple effective communication skills which support conflict resolution

Summarising- another of the 3 simple effective communication skills which support conflict resolution

Can you ask a genuinely 'open' question? 

Open questions - supporting conflict resolution

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Open questions - one of the 3 simple effective skills which support conflict resolution


How we make ourselves powerless in conflict!

How we disempower ourselves in conflict! CAOS Conflict Management

You are simply my reflection - I learn from you who I am!

Seeing ourself in others. CAOS Conflict Management


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