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CAOTICA the CAOS Conflict Management Blog

When we are involved in unresolved conflict, it can seriously, negatively affect our health and happiness!

Often this leads to a 'fear of conflict', meaning we then either try to avoid it (impossible) or we think we have to 'win' it (also impossible). Seeing it this way leads to a feeling of being stuck, like there's no way out, like banging our heads against a brick wall.

But 'Fight or flight' are not the only response options when it comes to conflict.

When we believe they are, we create a vicious circle of responses that always deny us the opportunity to learn from our experience of conflict.

The CAOTICA blog discusses and promotes a more constructive and self-supporting approach to dealing with such situations.

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The Newsletter content is often challenging, sometimes a little controversial as it doesn't follow some of the 'standard' tips and ideas for responding to conflict that you will find in books and on the internet.

It is based on day to day experience and insights drawn from the practice of mediation, which supports people who have become embroiled in conflict that has not been resolved.

These insights are gained from real, everyday difficulties.

About the Author...

Hi, I'm Alan Sharland,

I have worked in mediation for 14 years as a Mediator, Trainer of Mediators and as a Conflict Management and Communication Skills Consultant.

I have mediated in:

  • Neighbour disputes
  • National Health Service Complaints
  • Disability Discrimination disputes
  • Workplace disputes
  • Special Educational Needs Disagreements
  • Group disputes

The insights, observations and recommendations in the Newsletter and on the Communication and Conflict website and CAOTICA blog are drawn from my own experience and daily observations of:

  • How I have seen people respond to conflict,
  • How I have seen people communicate

.....................................and how the two seem to be related.

I will very rarely quote theory at you or become 'academic'. The information, tips and insights in the Newsletter, and on the website as a whole, just deal with what 'works'......and what doesn't.

And why we sometimes find it difficult to do what works.

And how we can learn to overcome that difficulty.

The Communication and Conflict Newsletter archive include:

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Each Newsletter contains recommendations for organisations, individuals and other resources that can support you in:

  • Communicating more effectively,
  • Resolving conflict in your life
  • Assisting others to resolve the conflicts in their lives

The CAOTICA blog Newsletter offers insights from the practice of mediation.

When communication breaks down and conflicts are responded to destructively, mediation promotes the return to a more constructive and creative response.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you decide to subscribe to this free newsletter.

I hope you will find the CAOTICA blog Newsletter useful and supportive in developing your own communication skills and your ability to respond to conflict constructively and as an opportunity for learning, connection and insight.

You will learn that difficulties with

  • your partner,
  • your parents,
  • your work colleagues,
  • your neighbours
.... and others, can all be reduced, or even eliminated, through greater awareness of how you approach communication and conflict in your life.

Alan Sharland

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