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Squirrel Inc

by Steve Denning

Recommended by Alison, Australia

Recommended by Alison, Australia

Squirrel Inc.: A Fable of Leadership Through Storytelling

I think the benefits of storytelling as a communication technique are really under-rated. This book is an easy to read story which opened my eyes to storytelling as a effective way to really connect with a listener.

Squirrel Inc. is a little fable about cute furry squirrels, and their company, Squirrel Inc. Squirrel Inc. is going out of business. It needs to change its business model to survive. But many of the squirrels who work there just don't see the need to do anything differently.

This book introduces the idea of storytelling to change attitudes in the workplace. The author explains that stories are refreshing, energizing. People might say they are interested in the numbers, the analysis. But if you tell them a story, they'll listen.

One of the things I liked about the book is that it doesn't just tell you what to do. It describes how to use stories, and what types of stories work best in different situations. And it gives you ideas on how to put the book's storytelling ideas into practice at your own company.

In summary, I really enjoyed reading 'Squirrel Inc.' Its refreshingly original ideas made me think differently about how I communicate with my work team.

But in case you need more than my recommendation ?

Steve Denning's work is an important reminder and great inspiration to all leaders who wish to connect with their employees on all the human dimensions required to create true followership. ~ Mats Lederhausen, managing director, McDonald'?s Ventures, McDonalds Corporation.

You can read a mini summary of this book, including tips on how to make storytelling work for you, on my website There is also a related article about the benefits of storytelling in the workplace.

Thanks for the recommendation Alison, I haven't read the book but it sounds like a great idea. Check out Alison's site for great information about teambuilding - Alan

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