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Sweat Your Prayers
Gabrielle Roth

by Jayne

Sweat Your Prayers: Movement as Spiritual Practice

Is a way to communicate and overcome many different conflicts within each of us ~ through movement it helps us to defeat our ability of storing conflict,maybe promoting a change and growth within us,it helps us towards a healthy and happier life.

Also in turn this reflects a movement and clearer communication of those around us.

Reading this book Sweat Your Prayers has given me an instrument to play out my life in movement, enabling my soul to be in motion~ changing, evolving and developing a greater change within me.

It IS an awakening of the mind and body aligning creativity with the beautiful movement of life within each of us.

Gabrielle Roth talks directly to your body communicating feelings of empathy within your soul ~ enveloping waves of movement within the dances of our lives.

She has created the 5 Rhythms which is a deep study in how to reinvent/know ourselves, our ideas, postures, steps and patterns that make up our own personal existence in a very creative and focused way within each of these rhythms.

If practised it may well create a clearer communication throughout our bodies.

By using the movements and music, 5 Rhythms is able to create a love of life; love of us and others, it is spirituality within movement.

Beautiful in such a truthful way, I just adore the energy of it!

:-)) ~ Jayne ~

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Gabrielle Roth

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Oct 01, 2015
Yes it is....
by: Alan

Yes, Amy, 5 Rhythms is can treat it just as 'fun' or it can become a deep self-awareness journey via your physical and emotional....and spiritual experience of dance. Go for it!


Oct 01, 2015
by: Amy

Is it really effective? Because I am really in need of something like this and it would be a great support to me to have something of this sort as I am going through a hard time.

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