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What if...

by Matt

I can use I statements as part of my daily vocabulary, but if the other person't does not, it will be very awkward for them to hear. This will cause them to laugh, call names, hit etc. (especially if they two are middle school kids.!

How do you handle these situations.

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Feb 13, 2017
What if....
by: Alan

Hi Matt

Thanks for your comment and question.

I think I-statements are only awkward if they are the 'scripted' kind that you can find described in some books. Generally they can be stated pretty naturally as part of normal speech and when their greater accuracy as a statement is considered it actually makes more sense to use them than to not use them.

However, if you can think of examples to share that you do think are awkward to hear we could look a bit more at that, but in general I'd say, if you simply start to practise saying them as a normal part of speech they are less likely to feel awkward.


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